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Real Estate Agent Shot In Alleged "Hit"

A Sydney real estate agent is fighting for his life in hospital after being shot in what has been said resembles a professional-style "hit job".

Sid Morgan, 53, the director of Morgans Real Estate of Castle Hill, was shot in the forehead late last Thursday night.

As of the latest AAP report, he still remains in critical condition at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The agency does not appear to have a working website.

News Corp reported that Morgan was shot outside a home on Spraypoint Drive at Point Cooke in Melbourne, at about 11pm, and was left in the street to die.

Neighbours reported hearing an argument before shots were fired. One eyewitness said 3 people were arguing.

Two men who allegedly fled the scene were arrested by Victoria Police on Saturday morning, questioned, and released pending further investigation.

Mr Morgan is a former police detective. He was known for shooting his brother-in-law, Mansour Suha, who had been charged with molesting 3 girls.

He was acquitted of the subsequent murder charge, because he claimed he believed the lives of the child victims were in danger.

He later changed his profession to real estate.

His online profile also claims he has won a number of awards in tech, marketing, and customer service.

Security cameras in the neighbourhood captured pictures of a white ute leaving the scene.

Suhair Bdeiwe said she saw it from her balcony.

"I saw a big white ute driving badly."

Police have not stated a known motive for the crime. But it has been reported Mr Morgan was frequently in debt and tended to "live on the edge" financially.

An associate of Morgan claimed he was a "wheeler and dealer" who was constantly in financial strife: "I know he owed people a lot of money".

Morgans Real Estate has been involved in the community, including Morgans Foundation of Hope, a self-funded charity.

Until we know more, the debt angle seems somewhat dubious. Mr Morgan stated online that he was "astonished and humbled" by the success of Morgans Real Estate, and that he was now in a position to provide "support, assistance, and inspiration" to people who needed it.

Of course, if he really were heavily in debt, one might speculate that creditors might not like statements of that nature.

We will add to this story when more news becomes available.

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