11.05.2020 at 23:31
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Former Century 21 agent admits to $260K fraud

Former Century 21 agent Hakan Kutup of Wollongong has finally pleaded guilty to dishonesty charges. The victim was Paidonexchange Ltd, a company which pays agent’s commissions in advance of settlement. Kutup created false documents to claim commission of $480,000 from PaidOnexchange.
Following an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading and NSW Police, Kutup was charged in September 2019 with 27 offences including misappropriation from a sales trust account. But he seems to have struck a deal with the prosecutors: on 5 May he pleaded guilty to five charges of making a false document to obtain financial advantage, five counts of publishing false or misleading material to obtain advantage and one count of larceny.

The 53-year-old Kutup started offending in December 2017 by lodging false documents including photoshopped emails and letterheads from solicitors and conveyancers located in the Illawarra district, fabricated contracts of sales and agency agreements and false bank deposits and signatures. Over the following year Kutup submitted the documents on several occasions, ultimately defrauding PaidonExchange of $263,755.

Kutup was a director of HKJS Holdings Pty Ltd (in liquidation), a company that formerly traded as Century 21 Ultimate (Wollongong). That company is now in liquidation with C21 claiming $85,000 in unpaid debts.  The ATO also has a claim for $185,000 suggesting that these convictions may not be the end of Kutup's legal woes.

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