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Agent Shot May Not Have Been The Target

Two new suspects have been arrested, but the agent who was shot may not have been the intended target of the shooting.

The other day we reported that Sid (formerly Said) Morgan, 53, an ex-policeman turned real estate agent, had been shot in Melbourne last week.

The police questioned two men, then released them. On Tuesday night, the police appealed to the public for help, saying they were looking for two other men with Irish accents.

And two such men were located: Mark Dixon, 30, and Jack Harvey, 26, both Irish nationals, were arrested yesterday afternoon at Broken Head in NSW.

Mr Morgan has an interesting past.

When he was a police officer, he shot his brother-in-law Mansour Suha, who had been accused of molesting 3 girls, killing him.

He allegedly emptied his entire revolver into the man who, according to Morgan, continued to advance despite being shot.

The jury deliberated for only about half an hour before acquitting him of murder, because he felt the girls' lives were in danger.

But he was not accepted back into police duty. That was when he chose real estate as a new career.

Mr Morgan worked in the Castle Hill area, northwest of Sydney. He was in Melbourne to help a building contractor friend who had allegedly been threatened by tradies. After the alleged threats, the contractor and his family fled the home, but Mr Morgan stayed behind.

When the two tradesmen then allegedly came to the Straypoint Drive home to demand money, Mr Morgan was the one who answered the door.

Apparently he tried to warn the men off, telling them to leave the friend and his family alone, and argument started and the situation escalated.

So it appears at this point that Mr Morgan was not the intended victim of a "hit", as was earlier reported, but instead was caught in the middle of a dispute between other parties.

The two men who have been arrested are being questioned by police, but as of this writing no charges had yet been laid.

Photo: Mark Dixon and Jack Harvey. Some compression artifacts were removed.

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