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Ad Wars: Domain vs REA

Domain responds to a recent ad campaign by REA with its own mocking ad.

Recently REA Group, the offshoot of realestate.com.au, has been running ads like the one that appears above, claiming "this is the only place" to advertise real estate.

No doubt it is a big listing company, but its rival, Domain, was not about to take this lying down.

Domain decided to take a stand and call out REA in its own set of ads which said, "The 'only place' is a lonely place without the Australian property industry."

"Our competitor says it is the 'only place'.

"We should never say we do Australian property alone.

"We work alongside more than 12,000 real estate agencies and millions of Australians to help with all of life's property decisions.

"Domain is proud to support agents and be part of a vibrant Australian property industry.

"Our home is your home."

That last sentence in bold. Of course.

Domain DEO Jason Pellegrino said it felt right to make an issue of the REA ads.

"While our competitor is buying outdoor billboards, newspaper ads and TVCs to say it is the 'only place'… we would never say we do Australian property alone.

"On behalf of everyone at Domain, we wanted to say thank you to the entire Australian property industry for working together to make Australian property happen, day in and day out.

"Domain has a long history of partnering with the industry to make it better for all. We lead from the front but never forget those who are behind our industry’s success. As a true business partner, we align our success with agents and the outcomes we deliver for our mutual customers – and we constantly strive to do better for Australian consumers."

We aren't taking sides on the issue… here at PropertyNerd we just find it amusing.

But since we're on the subject, here's an informal poll: What do the initials REA actually stand for?

1)  Real Estate Advertising

2)  Real Estate Agencies

3)  Real Estate Australia

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